So pleased to offer this workshop again!

This workshop is designed to give high schoolers and college students a strong nutritional and self-care foundation that has nothing to do with calories. We'll focus on what foods are nourishing and what foods erode our moods, our abilities to think and affect whether or not we're glowing on the outside.

They'll learn about they WHYs and the HOWs of eating to support their bodies and minds.

This is a hands-on, take-home fermentation workshop

Learn the science, the importance and deliciousness of fermentation.

It's a bring your own cutting board, roll up your sleeves kind of time. Making your own ferments is easy, they're totally yummy AND incorporating them into your diet can have a huge impact on your health.

Choose from two different dates.


Laura is an amazing teacher with endless knowledge. She makes the information practical and has tons of flavorful delicious recipes that she walks her clients through. Our work together was totally helpful and enlightening. She has transformed the way I look at food and health.

– Kim

Coming late summer or early fall 2017

If you love to learn about both the science and spirit of nourishment, then let's geek-out together. By meeting virtually, we can include the non-locals in our community.

We are still working out the details and will share them as they develop.

Excited to expand our knowledge base and grow together.

Stay tuned!

Coming in December: Letting Go of 2017

a gathering for reflection, gratitude, goodbyes and clearing space

At the physical level, we know the surge of energy we get when we clean out a closet or drawer. An act that simple can be liberating and motivating. We cannot create something new without clearing out and letting go of what is in the past and no longer serves us.

Join me and others in an evening of letting go and cleansing ourselves of 2017. We will be reflecting together on 2017. We will also participate in a ritual to let go of the things that we do not want to bring forward into the New Year.

More details to come...

Coming in January 2018: Creating a 2018 that Rocks Your World

a gathering for creating our vision for 2018

Listen up, my loves! Resolutions can often be dressed up self-criticisms - a list of things we cannot accept about who we are or where we're at. Instead of a surface-y look at how we'd like  to change (lose 15 pounds, become a better mother, go to the gym five times a week), this year, we're going to explore what we want to create in the new year. Underneath our desire to reach certain goals is how we want to feel and be in this lifetime. Everything grows from the roots, and so we're going to begin there, at the core.

Details to come...

I participated in a Vision Boarding workshop with Laura at the start of this year. The experience was introspective & reflective, fun & bonding, lasting & guiding. I came because it was the start of a new year and I was facing transitions in every aspect of my life. I knew I needed to stay focused. Laura began the workshop by guiding us through meditations and journaling to help us pinpoint our core desires.The actual process of creating the boards ended up being really fun... connecting quickly with other people on a deeper level. The main takeaway is the lasting impact of the board. It helps keep me focused. When I catch a glimpse of it just walking by, I usually need to stop and check in with myself. Looking forward to doing it again!

- Jill