You are invited to participate in Collective Health Conversations.

We heal as individuals and as a society when we are in relationship. Through these conversations, I hope we can deepen and broaden our ties to one another and to the brilliance of our own bodies.

We can focus on self-care until we're blue in the face, but if we don't address systemic oppression - sexism, racism, ableism, and others -, healing will be elusive. We are amidst a powerful culture shift. How can we participate? What do each of us have to offer? And how can we heal ourselves as we move towards the world we want to live in?

Let's connect with each other over topics that matter. Let's nurture our own healing as well as healing for those we don't know or don't understand.

If you love to learn and are interested in both connection and community, then you just have to participate.

It's free. It's virtual, so you can participate in your jammies.

Sometimes the conversations will be rooted in a particular book or article, sometimes we'll just show up for conversation. Just show up as you are.

We'd love to have you join us.


The Details:

Collective Health Conversation

"Myths about Love

and How They Keep Us from

Right Relationship"


James-Olivia Chu Hillman

on Monday, February 10th, 5:30 PM PST.



(it's free)


I am honored to have

relational life and leadership coach  

 James-Olivia Chu Hillman

join us as our guest.

james olivia

For our seventh Collective Health Conversation, we'll be in conversation with James-Olivia Chu Hillman about LOVE.

I'm so flipping excited. Why? Because with James-Olivia I have no idea where any conversation will go. And why is that okay? Because I trust them.

This is James-Olivia: "I am a relational life & leadership coach, facilitator of extraordinary, uncomfortable, life-changing conversations..."

"I ask uncomfortable questions. I cherish the uncomfortable, honest answers. I believe the conversation is the relationship, and that in Right Relationship there is room for us to show up with our whole selves. I believe neither freedom nor joy can be sustained without combining relentless compassion with the disobedience of inquiry."

As many of you know, my tarot deck is a faithful and supportive companion. James-Olivia reminds me of my favorite card, the Hanged One. The Hanged One is the card that suggests that if we are willing to turn ourselves upside down, we can look at things from a new perspective. The Hanged One is the pattern-breaker, the one that helps us get out of ruts.

What James-Olivia brings to any conversation is an ability to look at things beyond our conditioned way of thinking.  They're the pattern-breaker who is continually looking beyond the binary thinking which keeps us in opposition to one another.  If there's a binary out there, James-Olivia will detect it and call it out.



Pattern breaking and opening up to new perspectives can be uncomfortable because old beliefs and patterns feel familiar, and therefore safe. We can develop the skill of examining old beliefs.

And we might as well begin with beliefs about love, with James-Olivia as our guide. They'll help us break through conditioned beliefs that really keep us from right relationship with ourselves and each other.

Let's bust some myths about love so we can experience the joy of connection. Myths like:

  • There is no room for conflict in loving relationships.
  • No one can love you until you love yourself.
  • Love excuses harmful behaviors.
  • Love prioritizes the comfort of others.
  • Love is selfless.


"More of you is better."

James-Olivia Chu Hillman


Two questions that James-Olivia brings to relationship coaching:

  • is there room for you?
  • is it sustainable?

We will talk about these two questions during our Collective Health Conversation.

Why is this conversation about love a Collective Health Conversation?

Because we've learned many myths about love from our cis-hetero patriarchal, white-supremacist, capitalist culture, which are designed to disconnect us from one another. As we understand that by unraveling the relationship myths we've learned and replacing them with "relational joy practices," we can change our relationships to culture and systems themselves.

This is a pathway through to Collective Health.


Please join us for this un-Valentiney kind of experience.

Steps to participation:

  • Most important: Register for our book club meeting.
  • Make sure you're signed up to receive emails from me (sign up below) which will explore topics discussed in our book selections.