“Look for the helpers.”
― Fred Rogers

cradle conversations

My current calling is to help broadcast the voices and the work of the way-showers.

And thus, I am so pleased to offer you the Cradle Conversations.

The Cradle Conversations are designed to help ground, connect and inspire you.

For each one, I will be calling into conversation a way-shower,  someone I have found to be out ahead saying, "Even though we've never been here before, this isn't new. There are paths forward."

These conversations are designed to help create a regular, rhythmic container for anyone who wants to come along.

These conversations will be initially posted on Facebook via YouTube. My intention is to host two conversations a week. Each conversation lasts between 20-35 minutes.

In addition to having these Cradle Conversations as a free and accessible Facebook offering, I will be embedding them into the Cradle Community for further discussion.

The conversation will have 5 questions:

  1. The guest will answer the question, "What cradles you?"
  2. In what ways do you rock the cradle?
  3. Do you have a cradle to offer?
  4. What can you offer our community as we become more skilled at rocking the cradle?
  5. Do you have a blessing, vision or hope for the collective?

That's all.



Here are some of the Cradle participants thus far:

cradle conversations FB JENA
cradle conversations FB Abigail
Cradle conversations FB McKensie
cradle conversations FB James olivia (1)
cradle conversations FB sara love (1)
cradle conversations FB beth wonson
cradle conversations FB nicole lee (1)
cradle conversations FB hilary kinavey (1)
cradle conversations FB carmen cool
cradle conversations FB Taun Hall
cradle conversations FB DESIREE ADAWAY
cradle conversations FB nic strack