an important albeit imperfect work in progress

Our mission of supporting vibrancy, healing and health in our community can only be realized through a ongoing, steadfast commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in our work.


  We welcome clients of all races, body sizes, religions, gender identities, sexual orientation and abilities.


  We recognize that if our clients' identities are marginalized or deemed "other" by dominant culture, whether it be the client's race, ability, economic status, diagnosis, body size, gender identity, sexual orientation, age or religion, not only is it more difficult to get adequate and appropriate care, but it is more challenging to feel safe in life and in their body. We honor their lived experiences.


  In group programs, we work to build skills amongst participants to center the experience and perspective of clients with marginalized identities.


  We offer sliding scale payment options as well as partial and full scholarships in all of our offerings to people who hold underrepresented identities.


  We are committed to the personal and organizational work required to create equity and inclusion in our services.


  We are committed to promoting and supporting the work and voices of practitioners who serve people who hold marginalized identities, especially practitioners who hold underrepresented identities themselves.


  We are committed to continually expand the communities we support and work with.



  We move forward in the work of liberation and collective healing thanks to the guidance of brilliant mentors and teachers including Andréa Ranae Johnson (Coaching as Activism), Nicole Lee (Inclusive Life), Abigail Rose Clarke (Anchor), Desirée Lynn Adaway, Ericka Hines and Jessica Fish (Diversity is an Asset), Hilary Kinavey and Dana Sturtevant (Be Nourished), Dylan Wilder Quinn and Jennie Pearl (Understanding and Undoing Whiteness)