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What would it be like knowing that you’re going to get support for your health goals all year long?

It'd be pretty awesome, right? 

A Year of Living Mindfully is an 11-month program designed to help you make sustainable changes in the way you care for and nourish yourself.

We live in a fast-paced, information overloaded, disconnected society. In this climate, it’s difficult to flourish.  A Year of Living Mindfully bucks the “more, quicker, faster” trend. It’s a Living Room and Kitchen Table Revolution where you will slow down, become aware and make changes motivated by kindness, not a cracking whip.

Throughout the year, you will tune into your brilliant body, listening and responding rather than overriding its messages. You will learn nutritional and lifestyle skills to bring your body, moods, energy and spirit back into balance. 

Together, we will re-examine conventional wisdom about health, medicine, nutrition and diets. We will build a health foundation rooted in both the science and spirit of nourishment.

We will have so much fun. Can't wait.

Join me for a year of education, support, connection, healing and transformation.


When I refer my patients to Laura Halpin, I know they will get the practical guidance and support they need to heal. Oftentimes, healing doesn’t happen by just following your doctor’s protocol to a “T.” Long lasting health habits come from learning how to listen to one’s body and support it unconditionally. Steeping oneself in a community where the body and spirit can restore their strength is medicinal. That’s the power of A Year of Living Mindfully.

This year, both my daughter and I are participating.

- Sarah Ferguson, Integrative Medical Doctor

This is how it works:
  • We will meet once a month for 11 months (see dates below).


  • Each month we’ll highlight an important topic that has significant impact on your well-being. Topics include:
    • The sugar craving liberation
    • Menu planning and meal prep for the organizationally impaired
    • Emotional eating.
    • Gut health and the Mysterious & Magical World of the Microbiome
    • Sleep
    • Food Sensitivities: What's up with Gluten, Anyway?


  • Each meeting includes kitchen time: We’ll translate our education into delicious and easy nourishment practices.


  • You will receive support in the “HOW.” We’ll identify starting points and steps in making changes in this area of your well-being.


  • Over the course of the month, you will focus on incorporating the education into a regular self-care practice.


AND perhaps most importantly:

  • You will practice approaching your growth and goals from a place of mindfulness. Mindfulness will be the path to displacing perfectionism and discouragement with compassion and curiosity. Ultimately, well-being is an inside job. Don't be surprised if our conversations move seamlessly between nutrition, neuroscience, chakras and meditation techniques.


I took Laura’s first A Year of Living Mindfully series and it was the most wonderful experience. I met and exceeded the goals I set for myself. It was amazing to have this once a month check-in as a reminder to prioritize myself at least part of the time. Laura is the best cheerleader who is constantly providing new suggestions for bettering our health. I can’t wait to begin the follow-up class Soul Food!

– Kelly

a year of

is for women who:

  • have health goals and want accurate information, support and accountability along the way
  • are sick and tired of the quick-fix, fast-and-furious-then-rebel cycle of dieting and self-care
  • are ready to be empowered rather than overwhelmed by relentless and contradictory nutrition headlines
  • want to care for their well-being from a place of kindness and mindfulness, rather than  deprivation.
  • believe that health is more than treating symptoms with medications and diets.

is NOT for women who:

  • want to treat symptoms or lose weight without addressing underlying imbalances 
  • are closed to the idea that one's thoughts and beliefs influence health outcomes
  • consider the doctor the ultimate authority regarding their health and vitality
  • prefer to learn on their own rather and are not looking for a community to share in their health goals.

Laura is a master at creating a welcoming space. Her YOLM groups are as much about the women she attracts as the depth of teaching. I’m struck by the ease with which everyone shares and learns. The monthly discussions are loaded with good information, the food is delicious, and Laura’s warm, genuine approach makes you feel like you’ve been friends for years.

- Julia



A Year of Living Mindfully begins February 2019. Sessions are offered on the first Monday and Wednesday of the month (you choose which session works for you) with the exception of holiday and school schedule conflicts. Dates subject to change.

You have Monday daytime or evening options and also a Wednesday daytime and evening option. Even if you register for one session, in the case of conflicts, you are welcome to attend other sessions so you don't miss out!



11:00 AM -1:30 PM OR 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

February 4, March 4, April 15, May 6, June 3, July 8, August 5, September 9, October 7, November 4, December 2



11:00 AM -1:30 PM OR 6:30 - 9:00 PM 

February 6, March 6, April 17, May 8, June 5, July 10, August 7, September 11, October 9, November 6, December 4


Walnut Creek, CA




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Program features and added benefits include:

11 monthly 2.5 hour classes featuring a completely kick-ass education, mindfulness meditation, nourishment and connection.

Online access to all course content including recipes, how-to videos, guided meditations, resource guides and more.

Hands on kitchen demonstrations and monthly recipe collections.

Individualized comprehensive health/nutrition analysis to help you get to the bottom of imbalances in your body.

20% discount on all 1-on-1 and group offerings for the year.

Supplementation Guide and access to neutraceutical-grade supplements at 15% discount.

Reasonable ACCESS to Laura for support and guidance.

Community of like-minded, intelligent and soulful women to support you on your health journey.

BONUS, Baby!

FREE Participation in Create Inner Ease: a month-long experiment in Nourishment and Restoration

This program is an opportunity to take a deep dive into nourishment on every level, rebalance the body, get to the roots of chronic conditions, and quell inflammation.

Includes all supportive structure and community, curriculum, recipes, access to optional supplements and a private FB community for support.

$300 value

September 2019.


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As women, the road to self-care is often the one less taken. Let’s face it, the demands and complications of modern life mute our innate knowledge which pleads with us to care for ourselves first, in order to be present and productive. Joining Laura and A Year of Living Mindfully has given me skills to organize and reinforce the healthy cooking that I was already doing, so that I am more at ease with meal prep and have more time for myself. Beyond her thoughtful and well-researched presentations and demonstrations, taking time out each month with like-minded women to listen to one another and center ourselves strengthens all of us, and, in turn, those we love. Ghandi said that we should be the change we wanted to see in the world. Laura Halpin embodies this with empathy, grace, and open arms for all of those fortunate enough to know her. AYOLM feeds you well; it feeds your soul.”



By design, the pace of A Year of Living Mindfully is just right for personal growth and experimentation – allowing time to try Laura’s suggestions around all aspects of mindfulness, wellness, and self-care, from new foods/recipes to meal planning to meditation to getting better sleep. Every month, she shares so much knowledge and passion about food and health. But even more importantly, Laura inspired me to take time for this journey and learn lessons from it. I am eternally grateful for her support and encouragement. Overall, I feel like I am becoming a different person (more calm, more at peace, more accepting), and I know that I am taking much better care of myself.

- Ally