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Join me in October for an experiment: let's see how your beautiful body responds to nourishment and pleasure. What happens when you tune in with curiosity and kindness rather than a cracking whip, carb counting, strict cleanses or apps that tell you how to be in your body?

The truth: you and your body do not need fixing or improving. Instead, you might need some support in living more compassionately and responsively in the body you have today.

As your guide, my job is two-fold: to encourage you into a more supportive and trusting relationship with your body and to help you find satisfying and flexible ways to nourish your body.

The goal: creating stability and ease.

During the month, you'll have the choice of  different levels of participation. See TRACKS below.

As you tune into our inner environments, you can experience significant effects on your sense of ease, including your mental/emotional well-being. This won't change your outer circumstances but may help you address your current circumstances with more stability, resilience and clarity.

It is our right to give our bodies and brains the love and support they need to thrive.  With loving, flexible and intentional self-care, we can be more effective in the world. As we shed ways of being that no longer serve, and learn new nourishment skills, we can build resilience and a climate of stability and ease in our bodies.

Join me in October 2019 for an experience of connection, not coercion.

Please know that this is NOT a weight loss program. Instead, it is a weight inclusive experience. My intention is to support you on your healing journey. A focus on weight loss is an obstacle to healing.


Choose your track (1)

The "Pleasure" Track

Pleasure heals.

On this track, you will be courting yourself for the month. If you've ever fallen in love, you know that when you do, suddenly time expands and you're available for indulgent enjoyment. You let go of less important obligations. You pay attention to details you don't normally. You buy flowers, sexy undies, light some candles, listen to sultry music, open yourself up to new experiences and take risks. On this track, you'll devote yourself to treating yourself with that same level of carefree adoration.

This track supports you in looking for ways to completely celebrate yourself , and growing your ability to enjoy the body you're in.

Given our culture, this may be the most challenging track of all.

The "Nourishment" Track

On this track, you'll be experimenting with nourishing and satisfying foods. In order to truly nourish your body, you have to tune in and listen to your bodily cues. What is your body actually asking for? What does it want? What does it need? What happens when you respond with attentiveness rather than override its messages?

On this track, you will grow in your ability to tune in to the messages and cues of your body with respect and enthusiasm.

This is also the track where we build skills around nourishment: it's not easy to consistently get food on the table. We'll pay attention to what gets in your way and how to address those obstacles without perfectionism.

The "Testing" Track

This is where your discernment is most important. Our goal is to have the least restrictive diet while still enjoying our lives.

 There may be foods that you suspect get in the way of you fully enjoying your life. You may have a "sticky" relationship with sugar, caffeine, Swedish fish or alcohol, for example, and want to experiment with reducing or eliminating one or all of those...just to see how your body responds.

You might be suffering from some chronic symptoms that could be rooted in food sensitivities. You may already have suspicions about what those foods are. In this case, for a solid test, you'll choose to completely eliminate those foods for 2 weeks. (All the recipes I provide will be gluten, dairy, corn and soy free.)

The goal of this track is to give our bodies some space from those foods that inflame and agitate us, and investigate how our bodies respond without them (or with less of them).

Notes on Choosing Your Tracks

  • The "Testing" track is not recommended for you if you have a history of food restriction, dieting, or eating disorders.
  • The "Testing" track can be helpful in identifying foods that create inflammation or imbalance in your body.
  • If you can remain in a place of curiosity rather than deprivation, the "Testing" track will work better for you.
    • Restriction is typically followed by a pendulum swing, and the body doesn't do well with wide swings in behavior.
obstacles (1)

During the month, we will name and work through obstacles such as:

  • cultural messages that tell us we must control the size of our bodies in order to be healthy (or happy, or  loved, or worthy...);
  • a food industry that disconnects us from our bodies with products and promises that can undermine our sense of well-being;
  • fear around sugar and sugar addiction;
  • messages that overemphasize the power of food to harm or heal your body;
  • our binary thinking about food (i.e. this food is "good," this food is "bad");
  • the diet industry's message that restriction is good and indulgence is bad;
  • way too many conflicting food rules and miracle diet trends.


Education can move us beyond these obstacles. We don't want to be buffeted about by food rules or the glittery promises of the latest nutrition trend. We'll build our confidence in nourishing our own individual bodies to meet our own particular needs with our own available resources, abilities and level of interest.


October 17 - November 21 2019.


Virtual Meetings at 6:30 pm PST:

  • Thursday, October 17. Kick off webinar: Getting Prepped.
  • Thursday, October 24. Creating Ease.
  • Wednesday, October 30. Grow the Good.
  • Thursday, November 7. Cultivate an Environment of Ease.
  • Thursday, November 14. What works for you? What doesn't?
  • Thursday, November 21. Going forward.


Other components of the program, including recipes, meditation recordings, Powerpoint lessons, and cooking demonstrations are accessible via an online learning platform that you can access at your own pace. The live webinars will also be recorded in the event that you cannot make the webinar(s) live.

A taste of what you'll experience...

A Strong Nutritional Foundation

Tired of being beat up by a bunch of contradictory food rules?

Get empowered as we take a wrecking ball to diet culture and health fanaticism. We will establish a solid foundation on topics such as food sensitivities, blood sugar, stress management (a window into hormone balancing), the microbiome and digestive health, and eating for nourishment and healing.

An experience based in kindness and curiosity, not deprivation and rigidity.

The purpose of this experiment: bring pleasure, resilience and stability to your body, build trust between you and your body, explore your relationship with food, identify food sensitivities, and help you determine if nagging symptoms are exacerbated by food choices. Can be easily individualized to meet your personal goals, needs, abilities and resources.

6-month access to Online Course

You will have access to our complete online course in Ruzuku. You will have access to weekly recorded lessons on topics such as detoxification, digestion, blood sugar and more. You will have access for 6 full months.


We will highlight a set of recipes each week to help you get started with some of our favorites. You will also be provided with a large collection of delicious, supportive, whole food recipes you can make and enjoy with your family during and after your experiment.

Add to your own repertoire to keep nourishment interesting and engaging.

Cooking Demos

Cooking demos, menu planning support and tons of healthy recipes – this is where the rubber hits the road for sustainable self-care.

Supportive Community

Private Facebook community support. We will be doing some FB live events for additional support.  We will also be sharing stories, cheering each other on and gaining strength from community.

Exploration of the WHY

We will be exploring the deeper why beneath your participation. If you and your beautiful body are working together in a mutually supportive relationship, what could be possible for you?

What EASE would emerge?

Food Sensitivity Investigation

The "Testing" track, will help you identify possible food sensitivities. You will learn the process of food reintroduction/provocation to help you determine if there are certain foods your body is reacting to. You can decide if you're ready to let them go.

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Participating in Laura's month-long experiment has truly changed how I feel and feed my family. I love that her class is about real food and not shakes and supplements . I never dreamed that my family would enjoy eating such healthy foods. The recipes she cooks in class and provides are wonderful. Something I thought was going to be a 4-week challenge has turned out to be a lifestyle change." - Sandy

Laura is a wealth of information; she is passionate about health and is gifted in her ability to simplify and present a mass of health material clearly. She is genuinely interested in each individuals' concerns. I've only been restoring for a little over a week and my obsessive (or insidious) sugar cravings are gone, I have more energy, my skin looks younger, I'm more comfortable, my thinking is clearer, and I'm happier.

Laura is fantastic, I'd highly recommend your participation." - Jane